An Apology

I must apologize for neglecting this blog.  I’ve thought about writing numerous times but there has always been something more pressing to take care of.  Since the end of June, I’ve felt like my life is the starship Enterprise and Scottie can’t figure out how to power down from warp speed.  First it was the baseball play-offs and championship for our middle son and the rollercoaster ride of elation and despair that goes along with those experiences.

Then I officially became a student again when I began my accelerated degree program.  Four hours one night a week for the next two years and an additional fifteen hours of work outside of class is overwhelming, to say the least.  I know many people have done this before me and succeeded, so I am hopeful for my own outcome.  But my brain feels like a rusty old tractor that’s been parked behind the barn for years and is now required to plow fifty acres with flat tires and a frozen steering wheel.  I just need to say that I much prefer to be on the teaching end of things – being a student is way outside my comfort zone.

And finally, we’ve finished the basement.  This was an enormous time and effort black hole, taking a total of six months to finish.  We are really enjoying the fruits of our labor now but there were times when I just wanted the whole project to disappear.  Take those major events and mix in work, swim and music lessons, camp, Fun Fridays, and life in general and my little blog gets pushed past the back burner and off the stove.  I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.

We are all busy with life.  I am no better or worse than the next person.  And I did not start writing to whine about how crazy my life is.  I’m writing because I sat down at the computer tonight (at one of the rare times it is not being used by someone else in my family) to mindlessly surf as a form of relaxation.  And as I surfed some of my favorite spots I realized that they might be the sort of places other people might like to visit.  I enjoy cooking, especially baking.  I love photography – taking my own pictures and looking at other photographers’ work.  And of course I like reading good writing.  So when I want to relax and also enjoy some moments of simple pleasure, I head to a few very special food blogs.  I’m listing them below in no particular order.  You will see that each one has a delightfully unique personality and all offer great and often easy recipes.  There’s very little high brow stuff here.  Just good delicious fun.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.  And in the process you might find a few of your own that I haven’t mentioned.  I’d love to hear about them.  And I will put the pressure on Scottie to get my life out of warp speed so that I can get back to doing something else I find relaxing and fun – writing.

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