Fun Friday (Part 1)

Summer vacation has officially begun in our corner of the woods.  This means that Fun Fridays are back in full swing as well.  What is a Fun Friday?  It’s a boredom buster.  An end of the week celebration.  An educational experience wrapped up as playtime.  A reward for good behavior.  It’s always fun.  And it usually happens on Friday.  I honestly forget how this tradition started several years ago, but I think it might have had something to do with aimless, bickering kids and the words “I’m bored”.  Every Friday during summer break we (my three kids, my niece, and I) have a little adventure.  Sometimes these adventures are free – a picnic at Long’s Park and playing at the Castle playground, a hike at Kelly’s Run, a homemade Wipeout course in the backyard, Chocolate World.  Other times we spend some money – Indian Echo Caverns, Wheatland (President Buchanan’s home), the Amish Farm and Home.  Sometimes we invite others to join us.  Sometimes not.  Fun Fridays happen only if chores are done, behavior is acceptable, and instruments are practiced.

When I first came up with this idea, it was a tool to maintain my sanity during those summer months of endless togetherness.  I never thought it would become such an anticipated and beloved tradition.  We start talking about Fun Friday ideas in April and everyone has input.  This is such a favorite that my niece, who is old enough to stay home by herself, still wants to come over so she can participate in Fun Fridays with us.

Tomorrow is Friday.  The first Fun Friday of the summer.  And because we have a big weekend planned, this Fun Friday is pretty mellow.  We’ll be headed to the Fractured Prune for some custom doughnuts for breakfast and then off to the library to stock up on reading materials for the next two weeks.  The kids were already on the Fractured Prune’s website tonight designing the doughnuts they are going to eat tomorrow.  Their enthusiasm is contagious.

Fun Friday Ideas

The Science Factory

The Tabernacle

Valley Forge

Rockford Plantation

Longwood Gardens

A movie(s) at Kendig Square

A day trip to the beach

Riding bikes on the Elizabethtown/Mt. Gretna bike path

Miniature golf


Renting a boat at Muddy Run

I think I’m looking forward to Fun Fridays as much as the kids this summer!

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