Fun Friday (Part 2)

The Fractured Prune We managed to get ourselves pulled together and out the door by 10am.  After the mandatory “before we exit the garage” fight, we were on our way.  The Fractured Prune is about two blocks from the library.  The kids wanted to be closer to the library so they didn’t have to carry their piles of books very far when we finished.  I parked on Duke street and we all climbed out.  Being the ever-prepared mother that I am, I had no change for the parking meter.  We scrounged around the truck and found $0.95.  This bought us exactly 34 minutes of parking.  We hoofed it over to Queen Street for the big doughnut experience.

The shop has a green and purple tiled floor, a small seating area, and very friendly staff.  Besides doughnuts, the menu offers breakfast and lunch sandwiches, smoothies, and coffee.  There is also some kind of doughnut sundae that made my belly hurt just looking at it.  All the doughnuts come made-to-order and are served warm.  With names like Black Forest, French Toast, Lemonade, and Strawberry Shortcake, it was very difficult to choose.  And if none of the doughnuts on the menu look appealing (unbelievable!), there’s the option to create your own. Three of us chose the Rolo, with caramel glaze and mini chocolate chips.  The Niece chose a Carnival with honey glaze and sprinkles.  And Ace went for the Strawberry Shortcake covered with a strawberry glaze, graham crackers, and powdered sugar.  To round out the half dozen, Stephanie (our doughnut chef) surprised us with a Puppy Chow (chocolate glaze and peanut butter chips, and powdered sugar).

Warning: These doughnuts are very rich!  I couldn’t finish mine.  Buddy had no problem eating his, the rest of mine, and his portion of the Puppy Chow.

We finished up at the Fractured Prune and headed back to the library.  As we walked past our meter, we saw that we only had one minute left.  I shrugged, expecting to return from the library with a parking ticket tucked under the wiper.  My conscientious kids, on the other hand, were quite uptight about breaking the law.  We found books in record time, paid our standard library fine (at least it wasn’t $30.00 this time) and headed home.  It was a very pleasant way to spend a summer morning.  A leisurely walk in the city, delicious doughnuts, and free books.  Life is good.

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