My Un-Bucket List (shamelessly borrowed from another blogger)

I was browsing through the Freshly Pressed blogs the other day and came across this.  Barb Best has a funny and interesting take on the Bucket List.  Instead of listing everything she wants to accomplish before she dies, she’s done the opposite, stating 25 things she doesn’t want to do before she “croaks”.  Because she is an award-winning comedy screenwriter, her list is going to be light years ahead of mine in the humor department.  But she sparked my creativity – I had to give it a try.  I thought it was hilarious that she called her list The F*#!-It List.  I’ll keep my list PG and just call it The Un-Bucket List.

My Un-Bucket List (25 Things I Want to Skip Before I Die)

1.  Participate in an ultimate fighting tournament.

2.  Sing the National Anthem at any sporting event.  (Even people who really can sing routinely foul this tune up.  I’m not taking any chances.)

3.  Return to Tijuana.  For any reason.  Ever.

4.  Buy another Pathfinder or any Nissan, for that matter.

5.  Swim with Great White sharks, wrestle alligators, or camp in a tent for months at a time in grizzly bear territory.

6.  Run a marathon.

7.  Experience bungee jumping.

8.  Have my identity stolen.

9.  Be a celebrity.

10.  Join a cult.

11.  Get a boob job, butt implants, or lip injections.  I don’t care what anyone says – they never look good.

12.  Win a beauty contest.  (Probably because of #11)

13.  Organize my underwear drawer based on color, style and fabric.  Life is too short.

14.  Make mountains out of mole hills.

15.  Dance in a rap video.

16.  Own this or this.  I’m just being realistic.

17.  Make brownies from scratch.  Box brownie mixes are just as good and take much less time.

18.  Expect peace on earth.

19.  Finish reading books or watching movies that I don’t like or care about.  Again, life it too short.

20.  Starve myself for the sake of vanity.

21.  Knowingly pay good money for medicore restaurant food.

22.  Miss out on life because I’m too busy to notice.

23.  Look to Hollywood for wisdom and insight on anything beyond entertainment.

24.  Publicly pose nude for any reason – even for a charitable cause.

25.  Give up the race (Hebrews 12:1).

You know, this list might be quite a bit easier to accomplish than the traditional bucket list.  I think I’ll get started on it right away.

4 thoughts on “My Un-Bucket List (shamelessly borrowed from another blogger)

  1. Thanks, Barb! I loved reading your blog. It made me laugh out loud – and that is always a good thing. I never even thought about bungee jumping nude. I certainly won’t be doing that or watching anyone else attempt it, either.

  2. Great list! 🙂
    I started an anti-bucket list myself but only got to 10 items to start. I know I can add more and I’ll have to look at yours and Barb’s some more next week.
    Such as swear never to participate in an ultimate fighting championship. 🙂

    Have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. I took a peek your lists. Wow! You’ve accomplished quite a lot already. And, you have a great start on your anti-bucket list. I’m right there with you on running a marathon and posing nude for an art class. Definitely not my cup of tea. I’d love to add skydiving to my list as well, but my husband desperately wants to try it and I’m afraid he will eventually wear me down. Thanks for stopping by.

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