Differences of Opinion

I was browsing the Budget Travel website when I came across two very interesting lists of fifteen places every kid should see.  The first list consisted mostly of historical sites with the Grand Canyon, Redwood, and Walt Disney World mixed in for some variety.  The second list was more varied, focusing on historical, cultural, and natural sites throughout the United States.  While the lists themselves are interesting reading, the comments made by other readers are far more entertaining and thought-provoking.  Just so we’re all on the same page, I’ll mention the suggestions given by the two articles.

Article 1: Ellis Island (NY); Ground Zero (NY); Lincoln Memorial (Washington,D.C.); Colonial Williamsburg (VA); USS Arizona (HI); Grand Canyon (AZ); National Civil Rights Museum (TN); Redwood NP (CA); Monticello (VA); Gettysburg (PA); The Alamo (TX); Niagara Falls (NY); The Freedom Trail (MA); Independence Hall (PA); Walt Disney World (FL)

After walking around in the heat