The Fluffypants Gang

I love cats.  Not to the exclusion of other animals.  Or to the point of fanaticism.  But I have to say, there is something about a warm little body, curled up and purring in my lap, that I find incredibly soothing and restorative. The heavy burdens of life are just a little bit lighter with a cat (or two) nearby.

Please, allow me to introduce my two little stress relievers, affectionately called the Fluffypants Gang.  This dynamic duo is notorious for too much napping, ravaging Christmas trees, and causing general mayhem and hilarity wherever they go.

Sam: Sometimes goes by Samwise or Samsonov.  He is definitely the brains of the outfit: expertly casing joints; devising escape routes; and practicing mind control.  Strategy is his calling card.  He also does all the talking.  Sam appreciates the finer things in life – cat treats, sleeping in the sun, and squeaky toys.

Jesse:  Plays the heavy.  His brawn complements Sam’s brains.  (Sometimes I’m not sure if anything goes on upstairs, if you know what I mean.)  He’s the strong silent type and brute force is his MO.  He plays hard, sleeps hard, and eats fast.  Aliases include The Noo-Noo (anyone who’s ever endured Teletubbies will understand) and Mr. Noodle, because when he’s relaxed, he’s really relaxed.

Their vices include a penchant for catnip, real tuna, and walking on countertops. Favorite pastimes are brawls and scuffles of all types, chasing tails – their own or anyone else’s, and “helping” to clean out the litter box.

Truth is, underneath the tough exteriors, they’re just two softies looking for a lap to curl up on.  The only real crime they’re guilty of committing is stealing my heart (and everyone else’s in the family).  I wouldn’t want it any other way…

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