Inside: Interesting Places in Arizona

I’ve started posting again on my travel blog. I’d love it if you took a look. Thanks!

Wandrin' Round

For months now, things have been pretty quiet around Wandrin’ Round.  I apologize for the silence from the bottom of my heart.  It’s just that I needed to make some hard choices about how I was spending  my time and this little blog ended up on the chopping block temporarily.  To be honest, the time crunch hasn’t improved (if anything it’s gotten worse), but I miss writing about my travels and I think the distraction of reminiscing about special places and fun times will do me some good.

This week, the theme of The Weekly Photo Challenge on the WordPress blog is Inside.  I thought I’d share a few “inside” photographs of some one-of-a-kind places my family visited in Arizona on our trip between Christmas and the New Year last year.  It was a great experience filled with grand vistas, pre-European American history, vast open spaces, and long road trips. …

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