Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Wynkoop Brewing Co.)

DSC_9290The Wynkoop Brewing Company is a legendary brewpub in Denver, Colorado.  It’s housed in an old public building with massive timber support beams, stamped tin ceilings, and creaky wood floors.  This photo was taken on a quiet Sunday evening while enjoying fish and chips, macaroni and cheese, and Railyard Ale.  A delicious and relaxing way to end the day.

This post was inspired by the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Wynkoop Brewing Co.)

    1. And what did you think of it, John? Jay and I thought it had a very relaxed, unpretentious vibe despite it’s prestige. The food was excellent!

    1. I believe you are correct about the name being Dutch, Mike. The brewery is named after the street that runs in front of it. There must have been some important Dutch settlers involved in establishing Denver way back in the Wild West to have a street named after them.

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