A Little Story

Once upon a time, there was a song.  It was a fun, lighthearted song.  The tune was catchy and the music video was campy.  Many, many people liked it.

This is that song:

However, that little song became stuck in over-played pop music purgatory and grew sad because it knew it could be




than a Top 40 pop tune.

One day, a talented and very creative musician named Scott Bradlee happened upon the little ditty.  He saw past the pedestrian exterior to the real potential hidden beneath the surface.  He took the song and spiffed it right up with some classic jazz piano and cool percussion played by David Tedeschi. To complete the transformation, he added an upright bass and an exquisite bassist named Kate Davis.  In the hands of these magicians musicians, magic happened.  The song shimmered and sparkled and truly became “all about that bass”.

The result is a small piece of perfection:

Having surpassed its wildest dreams, the little song lived happily ever after.

And once I heard it, so did I.

(Warning: This song gets in your head and Does. Not. Leave.  Listen at your own risk.)

5 thoughts on “A Little Story

  1. I have been listening to the jazz version with Kate Davis over and over again for the last two weeks. You’re right, it is perfection.

  2. I took the risk Stephany and …..oh no its going round and round and round and round. Hope you have a great week and do you have another song to counter-act this one….May be I should read a good book.

    1. I wish I had another song to offer you – maybe a Christmas tune or two. (Although they can get in your head, too.) Your suggestion is much better. Find a good, meaty book to occupy your brain and then it won’t be “All About That Bass” anymore. Have a wonderful week, too, James.

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