Inspiration: December


Merry Christmas!

I hope this holiday season finds you enjoying equal parts raucous merry-making and restorative relaxation.  I’m in the middle of a two week break from classes and work and have been taking full advantage of an unstructured schedule: late nights watching movies, late mornings sleeping in, and generally engaging in a life of laziness.  It’s been wonderful.  Really.

Currently, inspiration is coming from several different corners of the Internet and covers a vast array of topics from improving hot chocolate (is that possible?) to choosing a reading challenge for 2015 and everything in between.  Enjoy!

  • Noel – Bridget Park
  • A Just-Simple-Enough Holiday
  • I want to try this with my daughter, a lover of origami.
  • Taking hot chocolate to the next level with this.
  • Even though I didn’t quite finish this year’s challenge, I’ve been considering several reading challenges for 2015.  At the moment, this and this are the top contenders.
  • Heidi, author of the 101 Cookbooks blog, has some great things to say about blogging.
  • When I get tired of being lazy this week, I’ll  start working on this list, beginning with #4 and then moving on to #’s 6 and 7.
  • This will aid in the completion of #4.  It’s a very scary concept to me because I love clothing.  However, I recognize the benefit of a stream-lined wardrobe (at least for work) so I’m going to give it a try. ( I can hear my husband’s rejoicing already.)
  • I would never define myself as a lover of very modern or minimalist design, although the uncluttered essence of it seriously appeals to me.  This lake home could convert me.  I especially love its situation and the accompanying boathouse on the lake.  Perfection!
  • Finally, in celebration of Christmas, some beautiful music from ThePianoGuys:

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