Inspiration: April/May


Although it’s been more hectic around here than I care to admit, I have taken time to revel in the greens and blues of late spring.  Warmer weather seems like such a treat because, after this winter, I thought it would never, ever, EVER return to my part of the world.  Between finishing up my Master’s degree and spending any free time I have outside, I haven’t done much Internet surfing for leisure.  Even so, I’ve stumbled upon a few things to inspire the heart, enlighten the mind and uplift the spirit.


Inspiration: April/May

  • Lately, my porch and patio have become my favorite “rooms” of the house. I like Houzz’s ideas for making these areas even homier.
  • Want a more luxurious way to improve an outdoor space?  Add a swimming pool.  I love the idea of these natural pools.
  • What will I be doing while I’m hanging out on my porch?  Reading, of course.  (I second Garden Spells, The Martian, Cinder and A Walk in the Woods – all great summer reads.)
  • And when I’m not reading, I’ll be cooking and eating good things from the grill.  This little chart makes the mystery of grilling the perfect steak as plain as the nose on my face.
  • Of course, there must also be dessert.  Something light and refreshing on a warm summer evening.  This looks just about perfect, I think.
  • Summer always means travel to me.  Even though I already have the family’s plans mapped out this year, these US destinations are pretty tempting.  Bombay Hook isn’t far from my home and Mount Desert Island is already a favorite I would return to again and again.
  • Finally, for a unique photography fix:

Now I think I’m ready to dive into summer.  Are you?



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