A Little Yule Cheer: Day 9 (What I Like, Christmas Version)


Some things I truly enjoy about Christmastime:

  • Belly-laughing through Christmas Vacation with my family.
  • Baking (and eating) cookies while listening to Christmas music when I’m home alone.
  • Giving those cookies as gifts to family and friends.
  • Walks around the neighborhood late at night to enjoy the lights and decorations.
  • Candles that smell like pine.
  • Harney & Sons Holiday tea.  The smell alone is perfection.
  • Marking the days until Christmas with a well-loved Advent calendar.
  • Wrapping pretty presents and giving them away.
  • Attending a quiet Christmas Eve candle lighting service.  It’s the calm after the storm of holiday preparations.
  • Sending and receiving Christmas cards.
  • Reading the Christmas story first thing on Christmas morning.
  • Christmas brunch (fruit salad, French toast casserole with maple syrup, sausage, orange juice and sour cream coffee cake) complete with English crackers.

There are so many simple blessing to be found at this time of year.  I’m trying to be more mindful and appreciative of those things that are meaningful to me  so that I don’t become overwhelmed by the preparations of the season and the added requirements on my time and attention.

What do you enjoy about this holiday season?  


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