I’m cheating today with a previously taken photo only because I’m pressed for time.  The shot was snapped in Edinburgh last summer and I thought it would work well for the Street prompt.  I loved the city (and the country of Scotland); this is an intersection on the Royal Mile, perhaps near The World’s End pub.



10 thoughts on “Street

    1. Yes, it is lovely. I wish we could have spent more time poking around but now we have an excuse to go back. Glad you like the photo, Daleen.

  1. This ticks all the boxes! Fore, middle and background interest whilst the sweep of the buildings leads your eye into the scene. Nice one!
    That’s the “Deacon Brodie” tavern on the corner, I have, as they say, some previous in there!!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the feedback! And thank you for more insight into the area. We didn’t spend much time in the city proper and I am longing to go back. I take it the Deacon Brodie is worth a peek?

      1. For me the “Deacon” is one of the best pubs in Edinburgh; serves a lovely pint, has lots of history, reasonable food and if you get the right night a brilliant atmosphere. Great to be there when there’s a rugby international on at Murrayfield!

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