Phone Photos: Steall Falls, Scotland

Steall Falls is a rather short and scenic hike located at the end of a winding road through Nevis Gorge near Fort William.  It’s especially atmospheric covered in the famed Scottish mistiness. The hike to the falls was a Plan B for us after we decided the fog-shrouded peak of Ben Nevis wasn’t worth the nine hours of effort required to get there.  Plan B, it turns out, was more than worth the effort.  We relished the solitude, dramatic scenery and the challenge of the wire bridge.  A true Fairyland…


{ View from the parking area }


{ The trail }


{ A river tumbling through the boulders }


{ The glen – the only place in Scotland we encountered midges }


{ Steall Falls: An Steall Bàn (The White Spout) }


{ The notorious wire bridge (and yes, we all attempted it – twice!) }

Photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy 5.

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