Inspiration: January/February


I’d like to say that I haven’t written for awhile because there is too much other “stuff” going on.  It wouldn’t really be a lie.  A more truthful truth, though, would be that I’ve had nothing worthwhile to say.  All my creative energy is going into completing projects and papers for my Masters courses and solving seemingly unsolvable problems at work.  Sadly, there’s been nothing but crumbs left over for this little space.

Thank goodness there are many other people out there filled to overflowing with inspiration and creativity.  For now, we’ll just have to mooch off their positive energy.  Let’s all take a moment and bask in some beauty and the genius of our fellow human beings, shall we?

Inspiration: January/February

  • Neely Wang’s photography – especially her Macro Monday posts.
  • Ideas for surviving what has turned out to be a depressingly cold and rainy  February.
  • The luxury of napping.
  • Winter reading suggestions.  I second The Thirteenth Tale, Rebecca, and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I’ve put All the Light We Cannot See and Peace Like a River on the TBR list.
  • Feeding my wanderlust with this.
  • This made me smile.
  • This book.  The only “organizing” book I have ever finished and implemented.  (A blog post, perhaps?)
  • What is saving you?  (Sounds like another blog post…)

And finally,

  • I’ve been needing this reminder, again and again.  Talk about inspirational:

Well, that was refreshing.  And since I have a three week hiatus before I begin my final quarter of Masters courses, I’m hoping I’ll have some time to be still, letting all this inspiration spark some creative blogging genius.  Stay tuned!

Where I’m At…


You might have noticed that Whimsey Pie is turning into a compilation of  book reviews for The Eclectic Reader Challenge and a gallery for Weekly Photo Challenges.  This is not what I originally envisioned for my blog but it will have to do for the moment.  To be honest, I’m more than a little overwhelmed with life so the fact that I’m posting anything at all feels like an award-worthy accomplishment.  And, I guess I could be doing a lot worse by this little corner of the Internet than talking about books and sharing some of my photos.

I don’t think I’ve shared this directly, but I began full-time work on an on-line Masters degree in August.  It’s been challenging, to say the least.  I don’t think I’ve ever doubted my life choices and intellectual capabilities or struggled with time management issues so much in my life.  I’m discovering that working a full-time job that requires constant creative and critical thinking and taking graduate courses which demand more of the same drain me completely.  I have nothing left to offer here at Whimsey Pie or anywhere else.  I’ve been wondering a lot lately if creative energy is physiologically like will power – a finite reserve that runs out and must be replenished often with relaxation and novel experiences.

Anyway, I’m not writing this to whine.  I’ve made my choices and am living out the consequences the best that I can (although whining about it occasionally does make me feel better).  No, I’m writing all this simply to say I haven’t had much to say lately, and certainly not much of anything that any of you lovely readers would want to read.  So for now, I hope you enjoy the book reviews, the Photo Challenges, and the occasional inspired post. I anticipate that things will eventually turn around.  Thanks for sticking around while I get my feet back under me!




Black Hole Brain

Did you know a black hole is not an area of nothingness located in the vast reaches of outer space?  On the contrary, it is a celestial entity so densely packed with matter that the resultant gravitational field doesn’t even allow light to escape it.  The pull can be so strong, in fact, that it devours other stars and can significantly impact its heavenly neighborhood.

{image acquired from}

At the moment, my brain is a creative black hole; it has been soaking up information like a sponge, but the gravitational pull of all that swirling, spinning “matter” in my small skull won’t allow even one focused ray of an idea to escape.  The present lack of quality time available for writing only seems to intensify the severity of the condition.  It’s a maddening form of writer’s block and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

In other words: Too many nebulous ideas + no time to sort them out = black hole brain = ME!

While I recover from this debilitating disease, please enjoy the links below.  They are some of my favorite finds from the last few weeks of surfing the Internet waves.  Let me know what you think of them.  And please, if you have any suggestions I should check out, add them in the comments.  At the moment I may be incapable of writing anything worthwhile, but my brain sucks up thoughtful blog posts and fun websites like Cygnus X-1 devouring extraterrestrial real estate.

Links I’m loving right now:

1. Nectarine Skillet Cake – My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

2. Eleuthera, Bahamas – Dreaming of going here next summer…

3. How To Talk To Your Daughter About Her Body  and How To Talk To Your Son About His Body– Parenting wisdom I wish every parent understood and every child experienced.

4. The Impediment of Art – I love the quotes by Brooks Jensen.

5. When Words Fail (Steve McCurry) – For photography and music lovers.

6. What Miley Taught Me About Parenting – More parenting wisdom about raising teenagers.

7. What Is Your Design Style (Polished Casual here) – Why are these quizzes so addictive?

8. How to Pay Attention to the Beauty in Front of You – I read this just when the complete crazy of everyday life was starting to get to me.


9.  Summers Last Embers – Beautiful…