A Little Yule Cheer, Day 12: Before and After – Christmas Decorations

Just for fun, I thought I’d share before and after photos of some of our Christmas decorating efforts. We started decking the halls on a Saturday and finished up on the following Monday night when we trimmed the tree. We get a live tree, so it’s always the last part of the process.

Before: The living room was already in upheaval because we’ve been cozying up to the fireplace to watch Christmas movies. That’s why there’s a huge monitor on the coffee table and the chairs are awkwardly squeezed together.

After: This photo is not picture perfect (the book shelf door is open and the chairs and stool are still wonky). Even so, I think the transformation is very merry. The room feels cozy and festive – exactly the vibe we always aim for. Christmas has finally come to our house!