Two Gifts

My Christmas holiday was wonderfully relaxing.  Besides a brief but joyful church service in the morning, Christmas day was spent at home in my pajamas with my own Whimsey family.  We ate really good food, watched the kittens OD on catnip, and generally lazed around.  After all the crazy weeks we’ve endured recently, the day itself was the best Christmas gift of all.

I wanted to share a few photos I took Christmas evening around sunset.  I was in the basement because we had just finished watching Ocean’s 12 (a gift for my husband from my daughter).  All of the decorations down there are last year’s after-Christmas sale finds from Target.  My personal favorites are the three-dimensional foil snowflakes we hung from the lights above the sofa.  They add a colorful and festive feel to the room.

As the sun began to set, something enchanting happened.  The sunlight bounced off the snowflakes and created luminous, almost liquescent reflections on the ceiling and walls.  The snowflakes themselves seemed to glow from within.  For about twenty mintues, our basement was filled with a spectrum of dancing, changing colors and reflecting sunlight.  It was sublime.