Downton Abbey at Winterthur: Stoking Anticipation for the New Season


The season premier of Downton Abbey airs tonight on PBS, an event my kindred spirits, a.k.a Downton fans, have been anticipating with increasing impatience for months.  To briefly placate the yearning for more Downton and to “prime the pump” for the new episodes, my daughter and I, along with a few other addicted family members, headed to the Winterthur estate (pronounced winter-tour) in Delaware to experience the Costumes of Downton Abbey exhibit.

The exhibit was lovely.  Curators skillfully designed each section to inspire reminiscence of pivotal moments in the storyline by providing excerpts of script, images, and snippets of video along with the costumes.  Comparisons of culture and manners between the wealthy in Great Britain and in America were added for interest.  The real-life experiences of the du Ponts, the inhabitants of Winterthur and American counterparts of the Crawleys, as well as their staff were also seamlessly incorporated into the exhibit.  All in all, it was a fun and fascinating time for all of us.

If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, you will recognize every costume in the exhibit.  I loved viewing the fashions first-hand: the luxurious fabrics and beading, the fine craftsmanship and the level of thought that went into the choice of color, fabric and design.  On numerous occasions, I had to fight the impulse to reach out and touch.  Although images can’t do the experience justice, I thought I’d share a few photos for those of you who love Downton and just need a little fix to get you to tonight.  (Please forgive the quality – I only had my phone with me and the lighting wasn’t great.)

Enjoy! And tell me, do you have any favorites?


{A favorite of mine – so luxurious}


{Another favorite – love the embroidered panel}


Now are you ready for some Downton Abbey?  I know I am!