For me, the verb connect immediately conjures up the care and keeping of close relationships.  I had every intention of photographing my family at some point today happily interacting with each other, preferably over food.  The best laid plans have come to nothing and now I’m left posting an older image that satisfies my idea of connection.  My family (one husband, one daughter (19), and two sons (17 and 14)) do some of our most important connecting over meals.  It’s the time  when we check-in with each other and share news of the day.  Traveling together is another way we connect through shared experiences outside of our “normal” lives.

The photograph below covers both scenarios: dinner and travel.  We were eating a very late supper (about 10 p.m.) in our rental cottage on Loch Ness after hiking the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye in wicked wind and rain.  We were tired but toasty and content, talking about the day’s adventures.

Drover’s Cottage, Loch Ness, Scotland

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Happy Saturday!

I was looking through my WordPress Reader today (avoiding the evil housework that doesn’t seem to go away) and came across The Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.  “The golden hour” is that first magical hour of sun in the morning and the last hour in the evening.  After sifting through many images and procrastinating even more about the housework, I’ve decided to only submit one image.  The photo I’m offering is not the best I’ve ever taken, but it holds a very special place in my heart.

In June 2008, my youngest son, Ace, was six years old and played on a co-ed Tee ball team.  His team was invited to meet the players of the Barnstormers, Lancaster’s minor league baseball team.  The kids chose their own field positions; Ace picked outfield because his favorite player at the time, Aaron Rowand, played centerfield.  The kids walked onto the field with the Barnstormer team and stayed with them for the National Anthem.

The golden hour here has nothing to do with the angle or quality of the light (although it was taken as the sun set).  What truly makes it golden is the joy my little baseball fanatic experienced standing on a real baseball field with real baseball players, singing the national anthem and giving everyone high fives.