A Little Yule Cheer: Day 13 (Little Drummer Boy – Walk Off the Earth)

I had every intention of posting another cookie recipe tonight.  I even have a draft started and the images edited.  However, I’m too exhausted from all the holly jolly celebrating that’s been going on around here – work parties, football banquets, shopping, cook baking, etc. –  to think about anything but my pillow.  The cookies will have to wait until tomorrow.  For now, please enjoy another Christmas tune from the talented and funny Walk Off the Earth.

Little Drummer Boy


A Little Yule Cheer: Day 10 (Ben Rector’s “White Christmas”)

Today, the temperature was approximately 58°F in my corner of the world.   Tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy (and very unseasonable) 62°F.  A white Christmas feels like a pipe dream at this point but I’m not giving up hope.  There are still two weeks for a deep freeze to set in, right?  Right??

(I love Ben Rector, by the way.  He’s a very talented musician with a great sense of humor.  Watch the video in full screen to get the full effect.  Enjoy the music!)