The Natural World (and Leading Lines)


Today’s Photo 101 prompt is The Natural World. Luckily, I had time  to spend with my camera so I took myself to Shenk’s Ferry and got up close and personal with nature.  Shenk’s Ferry is  a little preserve known for its wild flowers that burst forth in April.  I was a little early for that colorful lovliness but still found much to photograph in the quiet charm of the forest.




A Morning at Shenk’s Ferry

I live just a few minutes away from Shenk’s Ferry, a small parcel of enchanted wood that radiates a fragile magic in the spring and early summer.  Yesterday, I was in desperate need of some fresh air and a change of scenery so I grabbed my camera and made the short pilgrimage to this showcase of God’s intricate artistry.  I spent all morning wandering the trails that follow Grubb Run (couldn’t anyone think of a more romantic name than that?), taking deep breaths of the sweet, cool air and worshipping in this humble sanctuary.

In the spring, Shenk’s Ferry displays over 50 varieties of wild flowers.  I was able to identify thirteen including Spring Beauty, Golden Ragwort, Kidney-leaved Buttercup, Yellow Violet, Dutchmen’s Breeches, Jack in the Pulpit, Wild Blue Phlox (which were everywhere), Wild Stonecrop, White Violet, Blue Violet, Trillium (whole hillsides were covered with this) Virginia Bluebells, and Wild Geranium.  There were many plants just beginning to bud. May and June offer completely different varieties of wild flowers so the show is always changing.  The trail is a flat, easy one mile in length with side trails into the hills and down to the stream.  This little preserve is definitely worth the effort it takes to find it.