The Strathmore Highland Games: A Photo Gallery

One of the highlights of our Scotland trip last summer was the Strathmore Highland Games held on the grounds of Glamis Castle.  It was such a fun mixture of culture, country life, and athleticism.  The 2016 Strathmore games are taking place this Sunday, June 12 and in their honor I’m posting a gallery I put together from the photos of our happy experience last year.  How about a little Scottish culture consumption?





Dance: The Strathmore Highland Games

During our travels through Scotland last summer, we spent a day at the Strathmore Highland Games which is held on the beautiful grounds of Glamis Castle.  The experience was one of the highlights of our trip.  One of my favorite events was the Scottish Dance competition and my favorite competitors were the tiniest ones.  So adorable!


Dance is the theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.