Small Pleasures: March 2021 Edition

For me, recognizing the fun, the beauty, the pleasure and the delight in my everyday life has always been a small way to acknowledge the goodness of God and to give thanks for all of it. G.K. Chesterton had a very positive opinion regarding thankfulness. He said:

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

Who knew I’d be thinking some lofty thoughts as I list the little pleasures that tickled my fancy in March?  Maybe my list will spark some noble thoughts of your own.

Small Pleasures: March 2021

  • Watching the world wake up to spring. Winter was long, cold and snowy here in my neck of the woods. Watching the world turn fifty shades of green and flower into pink, yellow and white has been a delight.
  • Strawberry mango smoothies. For most of March, Jay and I participated in a Whole 30 “detox”, a very rigid temporary diet which, in a nutshell, allows only fruits, vegetables, non-grain unprocessed protein sources and most nuts and seeds. Yes, it was a grim 30 days. A concoction of frozen strawberries and mango, a few tablespoons of orange juice, ice and water saved me from ruin numerous times. These smoothies were refreshing, naturally sweet and delicious. Along with uncured bacon and roasted pepitas, strawberry mango smoothies brought sunshine to the dark corners of my Whole 30 experience.
  • Bridal showers. Love is in the air and weddings are right around the corner. My son is getting married in May and my nephew’s wedding is in June. March was filled with bridal showers in anticipation of the big events. Gathering with loved ones and friends, eating good food, and honoring my future daughter-in-law and niece-in-law were wonderful ways to spend two weekend afternoons in March. Even bigger fun is ahead!
  • Time away. At the end of March, Jay and I spent a few days in Bethany Beach, Delaware. The trip was filled with small pleasures: delicious food, a long walk on the beach and poking around a delightful independent book store. After being stuck at home for several months, to be somewhere different – and in a hotel, no less! – was a joy beyond reason.
  • The Queen’s Man murder mysteries by Sharon Kay Penman. As part of the Western Europe category for the Book Voyage Reading Challenge I’m doing this year, I went backlist and way back in British history. Sharon Kay Penman wrote four murder mysteries set in the 1190s during the capture of Richard the Lionheart on his return from the Crusades. These books were such a pleasure to read! Delightful characters, interesting plots, and a peek into the Middles Ages during the reign of the Plantagenets. The only sad thing about this experience is that Penman didn’t return to the series after the 4th book. I could have spent many more hours sleuthing with Eleanor of Aquitaine’s spy.

So, what small pleasures have you been enjoying lately?

Things I Like


A little while ago, WordPress highlighted a niche blog called Things We Like.  The author, Jessica Gross, writes lists of things she likes to help her feel better when she’s “in a funk”.  She also encourages others to submit their lists for publication on her blog.  What a great idea!  I’m adopting the concept as inspiration for a semi-regular post here because lists like this encourage me to practice thankfulness.

Thankfulness is good.

It settles me squarely in a place of worship.  It enables me to be mindful of the small moments that make up the substance of my life.  And, it softens my attitude when living feels like too much work.  Now is as good a time as any to start, don’t you think?

Things I Like

  • Opening the windows wide after months of air conditioning
  • Industrious bumble bees with pollen-laden legs
  • All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
  • The colors of the sky at the western horizon immediately before darkness settles in for the night
  • Just-picked Gala apples from Cherry Hill Orchard
  • Watching my sons play football
  • Driving the Audi A6
  • Lazy Sundays
  • Clean, cool sheets
  • Falling to sleep to the sound of crickets

What is bringing you joy at the moment?